Yoga on the Beach 2014

Teaching Yoga on the Beach Since 2008

Happening NOW through August 30th, 2014

 8 am Monday – Saturday (Mixed/ALL LEVELS)

6 am Sunrise Friday (Yin/ GENTLE Yoga)

95th Beach Stone Harbor NJ

$20, packages available


Beginners and experienced welcome 






 taken July 1st, 2013 by Amanda Doyle

Cliff Hanger ‘Cliffhanger’

July 24th, 2013 by Christina Newdeck


Partner Yoga – ‘Warrior 3 Variation’

July 4th, 2013 by Amanda Doyle 


Monday, Now through August 30th

Monday – Saturday 8 – 9 am

Friday Morning Sunrise 6 – 7 am
Intension to connect the body to spirit with breath and movement. To relax with natural world in stillness and see the movement, light, magic happen. To feel pulse and experience your part of it all. OR simply ~ you’re getting away from family and want to do something new, otherwise healthy and good for you. You are looking for a new tempo away from the business of life and the extreme workout experience is left behind. Greater flexibility and less stress in body/mind is often reached in this particular yoga class. YOU CHOOSE the level you work at IT’S YOUR PRACTICE! Regulars and your instructor is looking forward to meeting you on the beach to share and explore the natural world with yogas breathwork and postures.
Common questions
  • Do I need to pre-register?
Not for yoga on the beach classes. Just join us about 10 min or so before 8 to sign in, pay and find your spot on the sand.
  • Do I need yoga posture experience?
No. This is a mixed levels practice and I encourage the beginner and very experienced to get in the rhythm of their breath, body and natural world. IF you’re open to receive it ~ you’ll walk off with a calm, centering and grounding yoga glow from these classes.
  • Can my 5 year old/90 year old and all others join us?
I say yes to the 5 and 90 year old. Some young ones have the interest to sit and be and be a part of the yoga experience ~ as far as the 90 year old + absolutely. My only advice to every one joining us is to be able to moving from kneeling to standing laying down position w/relative ease. It’s not a manic flow taught but it is a flow of postures so if you need a wall or chair to move ~ then certainly contact me for a private practice. We will make it happen for you that you will practice yoga on the beach.
  • Can I join if I am pregnant?
Yes, only IF you have the release of your doctor and have been practicing yoga all along.
  • Fees, packages and where to pay?

$20 per session

$50 for 3 friends/family members for 1 session

$50 for 3 sessions/used within 1 week/1 person
Unlimited Class Pass  $240

Turn a weeks VACA into a personal yoga retreat ~ attend 6 yoga classes for $80 with a weeks pass USE WITHIN 1 WEEK and return home with a DAILY YOGA PRACTICE.

Checks made out to Stone Harbor Borough and payments made on the beach.
  • Heavy Rain/Lightning Location

Monday – Friday 8 am classes location will be at the Stone Harbor Elementary School on 94th St between 3rd and 2nd Avenue.

Canceled if it’s raining heavy at  6 am and the saturday morning 8 am class. Meet at 95th St beach if weather is iffy
  • How to prepare
Bring a towel ~ Towel because of the sand.
Arrive hydrated with an open mind.
Phones off and cash or check in hand.

Private Yoga Sessions Available

On the beach, at your beach house or business.
Initial meeting we will have a 15 min. consultation before the yoga practice so the session will be structured to the needs of the you and or group.
Whatever the reason yoga is a great way to gather and experience the beauty of life while creating a health infused memory with those you love. Special events such as a bachelorette , birthday, retirement/divorce/post birthing/family reunions or party to hire Just Breathe Yoga for your Private Yoga experience call 609 408 8971.
If you have a large group please contact Christina for a quote. Experience guiding over 50 participants in one yoga session.
Private Instruction is available daily in July and August.
Serving 20 mi. radius of Cape May Court House (practically all of Cape May County)
Next Year, Summer 2014 get centered with the
Lucky to be Local Pass. 
If you’re here for the summer season or are a year round resident the Lucky to be Local pass you might prefer. It’s a punch card that when you attend 15 yoga on the beach classes the remaining yoga classes on the beach are  free for you to join. Each punch card is unique to the individual so no sharing. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about bringing the punch card, the instructor will hold it for you…There are over 50 yoga classes offered each summer so why not take advantage of being local in a beautiful spot in the world and keeping the calm while we’re experiencing our busy months of work and opportunity. JOIN US if you’re lucky enough to be local.
July 1st, 2013 by Amanda Doyle
If you have any additional questions please call, text or email me!
Christina E. Newdeck, Just Breathe Yoga
Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor
(609) 408 – 8971