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If it's good enough for Jesus...

In fun and frankness ~ my attitude: when I found out they carried Frankinsence and Myrrh: immediate thought: 'well, if it's good enough for baby Jesus...then it's gonna be good enough for me'. Because Young Livings claim to Seed to Seal Integrity Process and celebrated + ongoing developing to over 30 yr relationships with farms around the world ~ I was in in 2015 and haven't had an issue with oils or returns yet. Aside from good seeds and relationships ~ another thing I tend to appreciate is the origin of companies and YL founder, Gary Young, not only healed a spinal injury w the use of oils (and other healing modalities) but shared it with others in what very well is a trickle down economy for many...

How I came to the Oil

My very first experience w/Young Living Oil was on a massage table and the therapist asked me to breathe in deep...and I was transported into a new space ~ AND it was positive. It resonated w/the mood that I was willing to move towards: a healing and restorative one. However, despite my excitement and enthusiasm ~ I did not have access to the name of the oils for 8 years or so ~ no knowledge of where to get it or the brands name. Luckly ~ I discovered and can share with you now. 

Story of Thieves

Thieves robbing graves during a Plague who wrapped herbs in their masks. . . were not afflicted w/ the payment ~ the king wanted to know WHY for exchange for zero prison time. Hence, the recipe of Thieves. 

Oils often on hand

Lavender (apply on face), Dragon Time (once a month famale support), Sacred Frankenscense (any time I'm too much in my head). Peppermint to invigorate and maybe kill germs...lemon and purification eo ~ to clean stuff w/ more recently getting familiar w/ Australian Kuranya.

Raindrop Therapy

Through the practice of Raindrop and Massage Therapy..the application of certain oils on the spine and feet within a particular order ~ the treatment is said to absorb to a cellular level through both scent and skin ~ the benefits of the treatment could continue for weeks and even months...One client I worked with was muscle bound/weight lifter/ who for weeks could not get a desired adjustment w/his chiropractor. I worked this treatment ~ 2 days later ~ she was able to access his spine. I believe time, relaxation and the oils contributed to his relief.

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