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meeting you where you are

Join live movement online @ hOMe

Join live movement online @ hOMe


 meditation & yoga practice for you where you are in your life, in your mobility and your level of energy

Join live movement online @ hOMe

Join live movement online @ hOMe

Join live movement online @ hOMe



@ hOMe retreats

@ hOMe retreats


 Yoga Practice Recorded

@ hOMe retreats

@ hOMe retreats

@ hOMe retreats


5 day and 2 day retreats @ hOMe, online 

 5 day : 2 hours per day 

2 day : 2 hours per day

Limited to 3 ppl + guide per retreat 

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hOMe is anywhere you are.

I have used travel, food, alcohol, relationships, jobs, deaths of loved ones, politics, injustices and pursuits of education to distract ~ to entertain ~ to feel @ home and alive.

Nothing has quite matched a calm recharge, ease, knowingness, connection to self, God and others like meditation, grounding, yoga & presence that it would bring me to ~ communion w/ self & spirit in community and not feeling depleted. 

I have had snippets of pure joy and safety through community and my goals is to bring this NOW during this time of Shelter in Place Activism.

Offering a gradual, building block retreat where ~ WHERE we ARE is GOOD enough, to feel and know we are not alone, while at home. 

Through the advent of the internet and a greater global interest in 'coming hOMe' to oneself ~  the expense / distraction / effort of travel and currently a virus to keep us from each other :  I venture to  offer hOMe studies that are live ~ that provide a homeCARE kind of jump into greater wellness and personal life experience. To meet you where you are and offer an experience that brings greater communion w/community to level up and release potential personal progressive blocks. 

Meeting you where you are entails connection, listening and a tapping into and validating maybe trusting  intuition. A home retreat with Christina may encourage openness, vulnerability and empathy towards self.          To know thyself is the quest of a lifetime ~  we won't go this alone ~ but during these times it's an opportunity to tap into and focus like never before. In respect to the process and each participant ~ a quiet space required of each participant for the hours we are scheduled to meet. 

Each retreat will include goals, practice, homework all leading towards greater selfCARE.

Weekly retreats starts every Monday

Sliding scale investments ~ Venmo Payments

Zoom Work.

Limited # of participants

9 - 11 am Eastern 

US times Daily Monday - Friday to register (609) 408 - 8971